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North America/Belize/Belmopan


Capital of Belize

A glance through Belize and its capital:

The country of Belize is situated in the north eastern coastal region of Central America. Very surprisingly, the official language if this country is English unlike all other countries surrounding this country. The capital city of Belize is Belmopan which is a very accessible place having strong communication systems. From Belmopan the places of tourist interest like Ambergris Caye, Great Blue Hole, and Belize Barrier Reef and so on are readily approachable with several transportation methods. Belmopan has a diverse cultural exhibit but dominated by the British kind of environment as it was once under the British control.
In the ages of before Christ, Belize was originated from the Maya Civilization. Later on There have been invasions and attacks on this country that led to the capture of this state by the Spanish before 17th century. In the 17th and 18th centuries, this country had been invaded by pirates of Scottish and English origin who were known as Baymen. They executed slavery culture in the country. The Spanish tried a lot to capture it and finally it came under the British rule in the early 19th century. Now it is an independent state and got its own rights in 1964 being released from the British rule.
Politics and Government
The British parliamentary system follows in Belize with Queen Elizabeth II being considered the Head of the State. There are State representatives and Senate for governing the State. The cabinet is headed by Belize’s Prime Minister and the Representatives of the Queen in the Country is the Governor-General. Belize is however a constitutional monarchy having a British Parliamentary structure to make its basic framework.
The official language of this country is English. But there are other language groups present in the country due to the influence of the Mexican country and other North American States. English Kriol and Spanish are frequently spoken languages here. It practices varied cultures and languages thus making it a dynamic country to visit.
Demographics and Geography
The population of the country is not very high with only around 334, 290. It is the lowest figure in Central America. The area is also around 22, 900 sq. kms that is not a very large area. So, the natural resources are sufficient for the survival of the natives of this country. However the population growth rate if fast increasing now to bring about changes in the situation. Geographically, this country has a maritime climate being adjacent to the Caribbean Sea. It is a natural habitat of diverse marine species.
The country has an industrial economy having export capacity of crude oil, minerals and petroleum. There is enough practice of agricultural activities and tourism. Sugar and banana are also much exported items that strengthen the economy with overall effect.
Places to travel
The Belize Barrier Reef and Ambergris Caye are awesome places to visit for the tourists. You can enjoy rafting, Scuba Diving and bird watching here to enjoy your holidays. The ecstatic site of Great Blue Hole and Xunantunich will simply drive you crazy with the natural vibrancy of hues.


Flag Belize
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Capital of Belize

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