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Know about North America

North America is the third largest continent occupying apprx 16.5% of landmass.
It is surrounded by Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Caribbean Sea from all sides. Just below it, on the southeastern position South America is found.
Christopher Columbus was not the actual discoverer of America. Infact he landed accidentally thinking it to be East Indies. This led to the contact with the Europeans.
The climate and the landmass are quite diverse. Landmass varies to desert, plains, arctic region, forest, etc.

North American Countries

Antigua & Barbuda

Area [sq.km] : 442
Population: 67,897
Capital: St John's
Currency: East Carribean dollar



Area [sq.km] : 13,939
Population: 297,477
Capital: Nassau
Currency: Bahamain dollar



Area [sq.km] :  430
Population: 277,264
Capital: Bridgetown
Currency: Barbados dollar


Area [sq.km] : 22,963
Population: 266,440
Capital: Belmopan
Currency: Belize dollar



Area [sq.km] : 9,976,140
Population: 32,207,113
Capital: Ottawa
Currency: Canadian dollar


Costa Rica
Costa rica

Area [sq.km] : 51,100
Population: 3,896,092
Capital: San Jose
Currency: Colones



Area [sq.km] : 110,860
Population: 11,263,429
Capital: Havana
Currency:  Cuba peso



Area [sq.km] : 748.5
Population: 69,655
Capital: Roseau
Currency: Fr. franc\ UK sterling\ East Carribean dollar

Dominica RepublicDominician Rep.
Area [sq.km] : 48,422
Population: 8,715,602
Capital: Santo Domingo
Currency: Peso oro


EI Salvador

Area [sq.km] : 21,041
Population: 6,470,379
Capital: San Salvador
Currency: Colon

Area [sq.km] : 2,175,600
Population: 56,385
Capital: Nuuk (Ex-Godhaab)
Currency: Cuban peso


Area [sq.km] : 344
Population: 89,258
Capital: St George's
Currency: East Carribean dollar


Area [sq.km] : 108,889
Population: 13,909,384
Capital: Guatemala city
Currency: Quetzal

Area [sq.km] : 27,750
Population: 7,527,817
Capital: Port - prince
Currency: Gourde


Area [sq.km] : 112,088
Population: 6,669,789
Capital: Tegucigalpa
Currency: Lempra


Area [sq.km] : 11,425
Population: 2,695,867
Capital: Kingston
Currency:Jamacian dollar


Area [sq.km] : 1,967,180
Population: 104,907,991
Capital: Mexico city
Currency: Mexician peso

Area [sq.km] : 130,671
Population: 5,128,517
Capital: Managua
Currency: Cordoba


Area [sq.km] : 77,082
Population: 2,960,784
Capital: Panama city
Currency: Balba


Puerto RicoPuerto Rico
Area [sq.km] :8,897
Population: 3,885,877
Capital: San Juan
Currency: US dollar


saint kitts nevis flagSt Christopher- Nevis
Area [sq.km] : 261
Population: 38,763
Capital: Basseterre
Currency: E.C. Dollar


St VincentSt Vincent
Area [sq.km] : 388
Population: 116,812
Capital: Kingstown
Currency:  East Carribean dollar


St. luciaSt Lucia
Area [sq.km] : 617
Population: 162,157
Capital: Castries
Currency: East Carribean dollar


Trinidad TobagoTrinidad & Tobago
Area [sq.km] : 5,124
Population: 1,104,209
Capital: Port - of - Spain
Currency: Trinad & Tobago dollar

USAUnited Staes of America
Area [sq.km] : 9,372,610
Population: 290,342,554
Capital: Washington D.C.
Currency: Dollar


United nations
Headquarters: New York
Official languages: English , French , Chinese, Russian , Arabic & Spanish
Present Membership: 185
Aim and objects: They are security, welfare & human rights
Virgin Islands USA Bermuda

At present North America is one of the most advanced and highly urbanized in every aspect, whether be economically or technologically. Its rapid emerging has led the countries of North America such as United States, Canada, Mexico, etc. in the leading countries of the world. Because of its development and hi-tech cities a number of population emigration takes place to the countries of America. It has also fascinated people to settle there because of better future and new opportunities. In today’s world United States has become one of the leading power in the world and dominate most of the resources. The beauty of places for sight seeing is captivating.
New York city with its nightlife and tourist places such as Statue of liberty, Museum, theatres, shopping centers will mesmerize you with its charm. A place not to be missed during your tour to North America.
Washington D.C., the capital of North America holds the most attention-grabbing monuments, the most famous being the White House. A variety of gripping restaurant and café are also.
San Francisco well known for its Golden Gate Bridge with eye-catching parks, sceneries, ocean is a excellent place for recreation and catch the attention of most of the visitors.
One can never get weary while visiting Los Angeles in California. The famous amusement park, the Disneyland in addition with Hollywood Boulevard, museum and other miraculous destination can overwhelm you. The types of nightclubs, bars, live concerts, and galleries are endlessly are full of life and make you too.
No other place will refresh you as like Hawaii. It is an archipelago, which lies near North America. It is one of the favorite spot for vacations. The cool atmosphere and the blue sea will energize you. The visit will be totally adventure and fun filled.

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