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Kinshasa Capital of Congo

Congo | Flag of congo | Political map of congo | Where is Congo?

A small residing area in the wide open arms of the Democratic Republic of Congo is Kinshasa. It was once a fishing area situated on River Congo, now developed into an urban region with a population more than 9 million. You may find it very small in comparison to metropolitan cities like Cairo or Capetown, but you surely would find its own offerings which makes it unique. After Paris, Kinshasa is the largest “francophone” urban area, and in French its residents are known as Kinois.
Climate of Kinshasa
You will find Kinshasa is lying just below the equator and would experience a tropical weather. It is quite hot, humid and wet all the year round. Its rainy season spans from October to May with a short dry season in between from June to September. Compared to the rest of the countries of the world, it has the maximum number of the thunderstorms. Locally known as “Simooms”, the rain, thunderstorms wash away the city with them. And just for these rains this region has got amazing rain forest in the world.
History of Kinshasa
Founded as a trading post in the nineteenth century, it was named as Leopoldville by Henry Merton Stanley. Being the navigable port in the Congo Basin, it gradually flourished with the development of other nearby areas. After a long period this place was named Kinshasa, in the name taken from a nearby village Kinshasa. The city grew rapidly with arrival of fortune hunters around the world and finally has developed today as one of the biggest city in the continent of Africa.
Travel Options in and around Kinshasa
Geographically, Kinshasa is the only capital in the world where you will find the capital of another country just on the opposite bank of the River. It is located on the south bank of the Congo River, directly opposite Brazzaville, capital of Republic of Congo.
A must visit place in Kinshasa is Musee National de Kinshasa or the National Museum of Kinshasa, which hosts the country’s prime collection of Zarian arts. This place will take you to a magical journey with its collection of beautiful masks- carved in wood and decorated with shells and beads, statues, icons, etc. If you are not a history lover too, then also this place would imbibe in you the culture of the Congo Basin. The museum is situated in a top of a hill, from which you can admire a fantastic view of the city.
Also places like Lac de ma Vallée, Chutes de Zongo in Bas Congo and BomboLumene on the road to Kikwit are must watch when you are there. The market place in Kinshasa will also fascinate you with its African Fabric and other cultural products of this region.
Kinshasa at present
Today Kinshasa is both a city as well as a province and is home to various standard international lever educational institutes.
Transportation in the city and around is well connected by Air route with different countries. If you have a visa you can always enjoy a boat ride from Brazzaville to Kinshasa.

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