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African countries

Algeria flagAlgeria
Capital: Algiers
Total Area:
2381,740 Sq Km

Angola Angola
Capital: Luada
Total Area:
1246,700 Sq Km

Benin Benin
Capital: Porto-avo
Total Area:
112,620 Sq Km

Botswana Botswana
Capital: Goborone
Total Area:
581,730 Sq Km

Burkina Burkina
Capital: Ouagodougou
Total Area:
274,200 Sq Km

Burundi Burundi
Capital: Bujumbura
Total Area:
27,830 Sq Km

Cameroon Cameroon
Capital: Yoounde
Total Area:
475,440 Sq Km

Cape Verde Cape Verde
Capital: Praia
Total Area:
4030 Sq Km

ComorosCentral African Republic
Area [sq.km] : 622,436
Population: 13,228,460
Capital: Bangui
Currency: Franc CFA

CHad Chad
Area [sq.km] : 1,284,000
Population: 9,253,493
Capital: N'Djamena
Currency: Franc CFA

Comoros Comoros
Area [sq.km] : 1,862
Population: 632,948
Capital: Moroni
Currency: Comorian franc

Congo Congo
Area [sq.km] : 341,821
Population: 2,954,258
Capital: Brazzaville
Currency: Franc CFA

Cote Divore Cote D'ivore
Area [sq.km] : 322,460
Population: 16,962,491
Capital: Abidjan
Currency: Franc  CFA

democratic republic of congo Democratic Republic of the Congo
Area [sq.km] : 2,344,880
Population: 56,625,039
Capital: KInshahasa
Currency: Congolese franc [ CDF ]

Djibouti Djibouti
Area [sq.km] : 23,200
Population: 457,130
Capital: Djibouti
Currency: Djibouti Franc

Egypt Egypt
Area [sq.km] : 1,001,450
Population: 74,718,797
Capital: Cairo
Currency: Egyptian pound

Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea
Area [sq.km] : 28,051
Population: 510,473
Capital: Malabo
Currency: Franc CFA

Eritrea Eritrea
Area [sq.km] : 93,679
Population: 4,362,254
Capital: Asmara
Currency: Ethiopian birr

Ethiopia Ethiopia
Area [sq.km] : 1,157,600
Population: 66,557,553
Capital: Addis Ababa
Currency: Ethopian birr

Gabon Gabon
Area [sq.km] : 267,667
Population: 1,321,560
Capital: Libreville
Currency: Franc CFA

Gambia Gambia
Area [sq.km] : 11,295
Population: 1,501,050
Capital: Banju
Currency: Dalasi

Ghana Ghana
Area [sq.km] : 238,537
Population: 20,467,747
Capital: Accra
Currency: Cedi

Guinea Guinea
Area [sq.km] : 245,857
Population: 9,030,220
Capital: Conarky
Currency: Guinean franc

Guinea - Bissau Guinea - Bissau
Area [sq.km] : 36,125
Population: 1,360,827
Capital: Bissau
Currency: Peso

Kenya Kenya
Area [sq.km] : 582,646
Population: 31,639,091
Capital: Nairobi
Currency: Kenya shilling

Losotho Lesotho
Area [sq.km] : 30,355
Population: 1,861,959
Capital: Maseru
Currency: Loti

Liberia Liberia
Area [sq.km] : 99,067
Population: 3,317,176
Capital: Monorovia
Currency: Liberian dollar

Libya Libya
Area [sq.km] : 1,756,540
Population: 5,499,074
Capital: Tripoli
Currency: Libyan dinar

Area [sq.km] : 587,040
Population: 16,979,744
Capital: Antananaviro
Currency: Malagasy Franc

Area [sq.km] : 118,484
Population: 11,651,239
Capital: Lilongwe
Currency: Kwacha

Area [sq.km] : 1,240,192
Population: 11,626,219
Capital: Bamako
Currency: Franc CFA

Area [sq.km] : 1,030,700
Population: 2,912,584
Capital: Nouakchot
Currency: Ouguiya

Area [sq.km] : 2,040
Population: 1,098,000
Capital: Port Louis
Currency: Martirius rupee

Area [sq.km] : 458,730
Population: 31,689,265
Capital: Rabat
Currency: Dirham

Area [sq.km] : 799,380
Population: 17,479,266
Capital: Maputo
Currency: Metical

Area [sq.km] : 824,270
Population: 1,927,447
Capital:  Windhoek
Currency: Namibian dollar

Area [sq.km] : 1,267,000
Population: 11,058,590
Capital: Niamey
Currency: Franc CFA

Area [sq.km] : 923,733
Population: 133,881,703
Capital: Abuja
Currency: Naira

Area [sq.km] : 26,338
Population: 7,810,056
Capital: Kigali
Currency: Rwanda franc

SaotomeSao Tome & Principe
Area [sq.km] : 1,001
Population: 175,883
Capital: Sao Tome
Currency: Dobra

Area [sq.km] : 197,161
Population: 10,058,590
Capital: Dakar
Currency: Franc CFA

Area [sq.km] : 455
Population: 80,469
Capital: Victoria
Currency: Seychelles rupee

Sierra LeoneSierra Leone
Area [sq.km] : 73,330
Population: 5,732,681
Capital: Freetown
Currency: Leone

Area [sq.km] : 637,657
Population: 8,025,190
Capital: Mogadishu
Currency:  Somali Shilling

South AfricaSouth Africa
Area [sq.km] :  1,227,000
Population: 42,768,678
Capital: Cape town
Currency: Rand

Area [sq.km] : 2,505,813
Population: 38,114,160
Capital: Khartoum
Currency: Sudanese pound

Area [sq.km] :  17,360
Population: 1,161,219
Capital: Mbabne
Currency: Lilangeni

Tanzania Tanzania
Area [sq.km] :  945,037
Population: 35,922,454
Capital: Dodoma
Currency: Tanazian shilling

Togo Togo
Area [sq.km] : 56,780
Population: 5,429,299
Capital: Lome
Currency: Franc CFA

Tunisia Tunisia
Area [sq.km] : 164,150
Population: 9,924,742
Capital: Tunis
Currency: Tunisian dinar

uganda Uganda
Area [sq.km] : 241,040
Population: 25,632,794
Capital: Kampala
Currency: New Uganda shilling

Zambia Zambia
Area [sq.km] : 752,610
Population: 10,307,333
Capital: Lusak
Currency:  Kwacha

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Area [sq.km] : 390,580
Population:  12,576,742
Capital: Harrare
Currency: Zimbabwe dollar

Globe Africa

Africa being the second largest and also second most populated continent in world, occupying an area of 30.2 million km sq. apprx .It is known as the hottest continent.
Africa in itself has a vast and major diversity, a wide range of environment and different landforms.

The earliest discovery of hominids goes back to Africa, where first human fossils were discovered. The most famous ancient Egyptian civilization, The Pharaonic Civilization was the earliest and longest civilization. Africa also included The Ancient Greeks, The Romans, Alexander the Great, The Caliphate, etc. which contributed to the different type of culture present there.
The climatic conditions vary from tropical to sub-arctic. Has desert as well as savanno plains. Mainly it is famous for the thick dense rainforest which is a home to various species of animals and birds.
Africa has a record of world’s largest flora and fauna. Different species of amphibians, reptiles, insects, birds and mammals can be found. But the forests which are habitat for a wide number of animals is being destroyed quite rapidly, because of deforestation, soil erosion. According to the survey’s African forest are adversely affected by these factors comparative to rest of the continents.
South African choral singing and dance rhythm has contributed towards music.
53 countries of African Continent have soccer teams in Confideration Of African Football of which some of them advanced to the FIFA World Cup .Some of the other games practiced other than soccer are Cricket ,Rugby, etc.
The most practiced religion in Africa is Islam, followed by Christianity and few the old traditional African culture.
The famous places to be visited for sight seeing are The Great Pyramids At Giza Of Egypt which preserve the mummies of dead Pharaohs and also The Great Sphinx at Giza which is the worlds largest and oldest statue.
African crafts
Mt. Kilimanjaro ,highest mountain of Africa .The attraction is the beautiful scenery. You’ll have an exhilarating experience climbing the top.
Victoria Waterfall on the Zambezi river is a fantabulous place to visit, because of the presence of diverse wildlife around its sorrounding.
Abu Simbel in Egypt.The temples depicts the magnificient work as it is carved out of stone near River Nile during the time of Great Pharaoh.
The Okavango Delta in Boatswana world’s largest inland delta which was formed by drying up of Lake provides a magnificient view because of attraction of wild animals towards it.
Nogorongoro Crater in Tanzania is a volcanic caldera.It exploded and collapsed 2-3million years ago and now provides shelter to various wild animals.
Fish River Canyon in Namibia is a spectacular place consisting wild animals as well as a wide range of birds.
Apart from these the main attraction sites are Sossusvlei in Namib Desert Namibia,Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania,The Karnak Temple Complex in Egypt, and a lot more. Go and discover the amazing places of Africa….!

A Continent Blessed Abundantly with Nature and Wildlife

The great African Continent stretches across the equator. It is not only the oldest land mass known to man, but is also believed to be the cradle of the human race. Africa is the second largest continent in the world after Asia and is home to the earliest and long lasting civilizations of the world like those of Ancient Egypt, Carthage and Alexandria.
The continent geographically boasts of gigantic mountains, the grassy savannas, tropical rainforests and three large deserts. They are the Sahara, the Kalahari and the Namib. The climate in Africa ranges from tropical to sub arctic on its highest peaks like Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and Mount Mawenzi. It is a continent known for its diverse ecosystems and a variety of wild life population, flora and fauna.
This rich biodiversity of Africa sustains its tourism industry by organizing camps and tours of its excellent wild life parks which give us a glimpse of the famous lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino. These are referred to as the ‘Big Five’ among the safari leaders. The exotic safari parks in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania offer an unparalleled wild life spectacle for adventure seekers. The luxury casino resort at Sun City in South Africa is also a favorite weekend destination for the rich and the famous.
The political history of Africa in the past has been chequered with great instability owing to colonialism and imperialism, mainly led by the Europeans in the late nineteenth century. The slave trade that led to the exportation of thousands of African slaves to New World colonies is truly one of the darkest chapters of human history. It was also known as the Dark Continent by the colonialists who mainly named it so because they were not totally aware of Africa’s rich political and cultural history but went by the color of the native’s skin. This view point resulted in social and racial segregation of the natives by the white community and it was only in 1994 that an end could be put to this apartheid.
Although Africa is considered as one of the richest nations in natural resources, it is still riddled with economic problems of poverty, malnutrition and underdevelopment. It has abundant reserves of diamonds, gold, petroleum, cobalt and coltan. Coltan is a dullish black metallic mineral taken out of the mines of Congo. A majority of the world’s software devices and mobile phones today use Coltan and there is a great demand for it. Ironically, one of the world’s richest ecological nations is fighting a losing battle against deadly viruses and diseases, shortage of food and lack of safe drinking water. There are several underlying factors to these issues, the most relevant being illiteracy, corrupt governments, inadequate central planning and inaccessibility to foreign capital. According to a Harvard University study, if not for poor governance, the continent could easily feed itself.
In the past decade, Africa has made great strides forward and we see a change in the attitude of the Free World in assisting the continent tackle its grave problems. However, much needs to be done to preserve the past glory and natural beauty of this great continent. This is the only continent where the leaves of its trees distinctly look up to the heavens.

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