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Santiago Capital of Chile

Santiago, also known as Santiago de Chile is the Capital city of Chile. Situated between the Andes Mountains in the east and the Western Cordilleras, the city of Santiago is the economic, political and cultural centre of the country. With a population of about seven million inhabitants, the city a hub of entertainment with its galore of events, museums, restaurants, bars and theaters. As it is surrounded by the mountains, the scenic beauty of the city is more appealing and beautiful as compared to other cities of Chile.
Climate of Santiago
Owing to the close proximity of the city of Santiago to the Andes mountains, where it snows during the winters, the city experiences low temperatures with the mercury getting below the zero degree mark some times. The summers however, are pretty warm with the temperature well above 30 degrees. All in all, the city experiences a Mediterranean type of climate which is characterized by dry summers and mild winters.
Getting to Santiago
As this is the capital of Chile, the city is well connected with the other cities by various modes of transport. Air connections between Santiago and various cities of Latin America and other international cities from US, Europe, Australia, Canada is being organized by various airline companies like Air Canada, Air France, Qantas, American Airlines and LAN or the Lineas Aereas Con which is the Santiago based group of South American Airlines.
There are three major bus terminals in the city of Santiago, which serves as the gateway to enter the city by road from international cities like Mendoza and San Juan in Argentina, Lima in Peru and many more. The journey from Mendoza to Santiago deserves special mention because of the scenic beauty that one can enjoy during the eight hours of bus ride.
Attractions for the tourists
With more than a dozen tourist attractions, the city is fully equipped to keep one busy with site seeing for more than a week with a compact tour itinerary. There are various tourist attractions in and around the city for which the tourists from all over the world flock around in the city of Santiago. Some of the major attractions are:
Plaza De Armas: The plaza is the site for the national cathedral and the post office. The Plaza de Armas is being capitalized as a recreational and meeting place for the immigrants from Peru, result of which is that there are a number of Peruvian food stores and restaurants.
Parque Metropolitano: With a couple of swimming pools, a zoo and a botanical garden, the vast park serves as a beautiful viewing point for the city as well the Andes mountain range.
La Moneda Palace: The President’s abode, the La Moneda Palace can be visited by means of a one hour guided tour and is one of the major attractions of the city.
There are many other places of interest which include Santa Lucia Park, La Chascona, Parque Forestal, Santiago Centro, Centro Cultural Matucana 100, various Jazz Clubs etc. which will cater to variety of interests and various types of tourists.



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