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South America and its countries

Colombia, Venezuela, George town, Guyana, Suraname, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Paragua, Argentina, Falkland Islands, Uruguya, Chile, Equador, Crribean Sea, West Indies
South America, Colombia, Venezuela, George town, Guyana, Suraname, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Paragua, Argentina, Falkland Islands, Uruguya, Chile, Equador, Crribean Sea, West Indies
South America is fourth largest continent in the world that comprises of 12 countries offering immense natural beauty and cultural charm. In terms of tourism, the country offer enormous scope with wide ranging attractions including snow-capped mountains, beautiful beaches, lovely countryside, forests and much more.

The continent of South America possesses very beautiful and happening countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Falkland Islands, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, South Georgia and South Sandwich Island, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela.
In addition, the continent also possesses 3 major territories namely, Falkland Islands, Galapagos Islands and French Guiana. With so much choice, it becomes a challenge to decide where to start from. Be it any country, you will never be disappointed when it comes to tourism in South America.

Political Overview
Most countries of South America enjoys democratic political rule. However, many South American countries did struggle for decades against dictatorship and oppression of other rulers in the past. Moreover, most such countries also saw political crisis, inequality, poverty and other such things. However, at present South America is one of the economically self – sufficient areas of the world. The region also experiences huge contribution of women in politics and development of South America.

Geographical Overview
With the diverse countries and landscapes, the geography of South American region also experiences diversity and dissimilarity. The continent of South America lies in the Southern part of the American landmass. The topography of South America consists of three major features including the Andes mountain range, highlands of Brazil and Guiana, and central lowlands.

The continent of South America has some of the world’s highest waterfalls, largest rivers, longest mountain range and driest place on earth. You will be thrilled to see Venezuela and its highest waterfall, the Angel Falls. Another site that gives ecstasy is the Atacama Desert in Chile, the driest place on earth. You will have tremendous pleasure while canoe riding in the Amazon River, which covers one-third of the South American landmass and to see the amazing vistas of the Andes Mountain covering tip of South America to Panama. Besides the natural beauty, you can also experience the chaos and commotion of a busy city life in cities like Buenos Aires and Salvador. South America is definitely a destination that thrills and excites any travel buff.

In addition, South America is also complete with stunning and foot tapping music that can be enjoyed in the form of Samba in Brazil, Tango, and so on.

Culture & People
The population of South America comprises of original American Indians, Spanish, Portuguese, Africans, and immigrants from overseas like from European countries such as Italy and Germany along with Middle Eastern countries like Lebanon, and South Asian countries like Japan etc.

The varied population definitely influences the culture and customs of the region and its customs. Music is the soul of every one in South America, be it any country. Many interesting dance forms and music originated in the picturesque destinations of South America.

Languages mostly used in South America include Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, English, and French, along with many indigenous languages.

The economic development of South America gained momentum since 1990s. Mainly countries like Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Colombia etc., had their economies growing at a huge rate. In fact, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile are the most developed and biggest economies of South America.

The South American countries depend on exports to a large extent for their economic growth. Brazil is one of the leading exporting countries in South America followed by Chile and Argentina.

In terms of agriculture, major products grown are coffee, wheat, rice, corn, sugarcane, shrimp, bananas, soybean, and so on. In addition, most South American countries also boast of growing manufacturing and industries sector.

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