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Wholesale rates

Tandoori Chicken - Rs. 130 / pcs (700 gms)

(Leg pieces, drumsticks) :
Rs. 190 / kg

Chicken Thai, thigh boneless: 238

Breast Boneless : 230

Chicken Wings: Rs. 180

Chicken Bone: Rs. 60


Mutton mix - 395

Mutton / Lamb Chunk Boneless - 520

Mutton/lamb shank - 395

Mutton / Lamb Chap - 395

Mutton / Lamb Mince keema- 530

Tenderline - 320

Tenderline Mince keema - 330

Our Process:

Purchase of healthy live birds (broiler chicken)

Halal cut

Clean the meat of chicken

Prepare orders

send the orders to destination timely

Super Chicken supply quality chicken in Gurgaon and NCR at very reasonable price and wholesale rates to various restaurants and hotels. You can also order chicken for party and any other occasion. We known as chicken meat supplier in Gurgaon, NCR Haryana.

Products we sale

Chicken, mutton, lamb and fish

Chicken Thigh, wings, loly, drumsticks / tangri, breast / chest, chicken leg, bone, liver etc.

Mutton - lamb
Mutton curry cut, lamb shank, lamb boneless, mutton chap, Muttom / Lamb leg, lamb chunk boneless

Fish boneless filet

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Super Chicken Supplier
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Chicken Suppliers in Gurgaon Haryana