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Chicken Supplier in Delhi, India

Wholesale Chicken Supplier in Delhi India, Broiler chicken - 165 kg -
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chicken supplier Delhi

Chicken supplier delhi India

We supply chicken in Delhi and NCR area of India, looking for domestic and export buyers for chicken.
We prepare chicken products in very higienic way and provide to our customers. Our produicts including

Daily chicken rates March 2015

Chicken Tandoori: Rs: 130 per pcs

Chicken Breast: 199

Chicken Thighs: 250

Chicken Wings: 180

Chicken Bone: 60

Chicken for party: 140

Chicken with skin: 160

Chicken without skin: 155

Looking for the Chicken supplier in Delhi India:


Mobile No: 9289463545

Halaal Chicken Supplier: (Halal)
Wazirabad Village New Delhi India

For Delhi, NCR, NOIDA, Gurgaon

Chicken Suppliers in Delhi

Chicken Suppliers in Gurgaon Haryana



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