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Africa / Cape Verde > Praia


Praia is the capital of Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde | Flag Cape Verde | Political map Cape Verde

Praia is the capital as well as the largest city of the island country of Cape Verde. The meaning of the term ‘Praia’ is beach in the local language of Cape Verdean Creole as well as the Portuguese language. Located on the southern coast of Santiago in Chile, Praia is the home for a whopping 90% population of the entire island nation of Cape Verde. It is also the biggest port of the country which serves as an export point of the coffee, sugarcane and other tropical fruits.
Climate of Praia
With a very short monsoon season, the climate of the city of Praia is primarily mild desert type of climate. Owing to the desert climate the dry season is prolonged in the island and the city receives very less rainfall in the whole year. Whatever precipitation has to happen, it happens primarily in the months July, August and September. Annual rainfall received the city is around 250 mm. The temperature of the city of Praia is neither too hot nor too cold, thanks to the ocean side location of the city.
Demographical details
While in the initial years of the city way back in mid nineteenth century the population of Praia was mostly black, with going days and passing times, people of many origin and nationalities have found their settlement in the city of Praia. The population of the city is increasing at a good rate and has experienced a 30% increase over the last 10 years.
How to get to Praia
The many ports and harbors of the city of Praia serve as a gateway to the various tourists across the globe. There is also an international airport in the city that connects the city of the island country to various cities in the United States, Latin America, Africa and even Europe.
Tourist attractions
While the city of Praia itself has got some buzzing markets and the plateau that will keep the shopaholic tourists engaged for a day or two, the main attraction of the capital city is its range of beaches which are not only beautiful but offer the highest levels of serenity and peace. One can get adventurous with a little snorkeling or by doing some scuba diving. The Prainha beach is on the outskirts of the city and offers absolute serenity to the tourists who want to stay away from the hustles and bustles of the otherwise busy beaches of Praia.
The markets of Praia offer cheap African clothes and whatever item you may not have found in the rest of the country, you will get it here in the central market of the city of Praia. With the increased influx of tourists, the local guys have made arrangements for beach parties to be organized which attract the party loving tourist folks as these parties would mean nonstop beer, barbequed fish and loads of fun.
Some other landmarks that one can visit in Praia are the Albuquerque Square, the Presidential Palace, and the Ethnographic museum which was built in the last phase of the last millennium.

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