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Africa / Benin / Porto


Capital of Benin

Benin | Flag Benine | Political map of benin

Benin which is officially renowned as the Republic of Benin is a country situated in West of Africa. It is neighbored by the countries like Togo and Nigeria. The capital city of Benin is Porto Nova which a very economically prosperous place. The seat of the Benin Government is located in Cotonou which is a greater region of economic importance. The population is densely concentrated on the Bight of Benin which is a small coastal area in the southern part. The capital city that is Porto Nova is of Portugese origin which means “New Port”. It has a well equipped transportation system that caters to all major cities of the African continent. There is a very good communication pathway between Porto Nova and Cotonou due to political reasons.

Before 1700, Benin was under several ethnic groups such as the Yoruba and the Gbe tribes. Later on after the 1700, there was the Fon Ethnicity control over the country which was known as the Kingdom of Dahomey. This was the major historical backbone of Benin. This kingdom conquered the neighboring cities of Whyda and Allada to expand its empire. They had strong soldiers that included females also. The war captives were sold to slavery or killed in a ceremony. Later on the Portugese came to the stage with their trade agreement and slaves were exported from the port area which has now become the capital city. In the middle of the 19th century, the French took control over this country and this rule stayed for a long time. This is also known as the French Colonial Period in Benin. After rules of Islam and Marxism-Leninism, this country finally came to be called as the Republic if Benin in 1990.

Politics and Government
The political framework is democratic where the President has the ultimate power of controlling the rule. There is a multi-party prevalence on which the Government operates.

Language and society
French is the official language of Benin and is taught in the schools. There are other local languages such as Yoruba and Fon. Due to multiple invasions of different religious cultures, Benin is inhabited by Catholics and Muslims as well.

Demographics and Geography
It is a small country with small land coverage of around 116,000 million Square kilometers. The population size is about 9.99 millions. The population foes not have very old people and the average life span is about 58 years amongst the people. There are many ethnic groups like Yoruba, Somba and Dendi. Geographically, this country has a costal environment and being very close to the equator, the temperature remains high with scarce rainfall.

The economy is based on an agricultural backbone with cotton being the major produce which is largely exported. The Porto Nova port is used as a major port for all import and export activities.
Places to travel
The Royal Palace in Porto Nova is a really fabulous site to visit. Contonou Cathedral is a marvelous architectural example. You can also enjoy a safari in the Pendjari National Park. Contonou Central Mosque and the Ancien Pont Bridge are ecstatic tourist attractions.

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