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Saudi Arabia

UAE | Political Map UAE | Flag UAE

Saudi Arabia is one of the most ancient civilizations of the peninsula of Arab. The role of Saudi Arabia was significant as a trade center in the early history. Moreover, the popularity of the country is also due to its position as the birthplace of Islam.

globe Saudi Arab
location Saudi Arab on the globe

Though the earliest traces of the existence of Saudi Arabia were quite ancient, however, the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established by King ABD AL-Aziz bin Abd al-Rahman Al-SAUD in 1932. Since then, the Kingdom has seen amazing transformations and has changed from a desert country to an ultra modern nation. Being the proud possessor of two of the holiest shrines and pilgrim destinations of Islam in Mecca and Madina, Saudi Arabia receives innumerable Muslims every year from every part of the world for Hajj or the Islamic pilgrimage in Mecca.

Political Overview
Saudi Arabia functions as a Monarchy. However, in 1992 the royal family of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced the first constitution of the country based on Sharia, the Islamic law. Before 1992, the country observed absolute Monarchy. The government of country is headed by the King of Saudi Arabia and he is also the chief of military services. The second important position is hold by the crown price appointed by the King who helps in maintaining government duties. Besides, there is the Council of Ministers to aid in the governance.

Geographical Overview
Saudi Arabia is located in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf and Red Sea borders it. The geographic diversity of the land is varied, which include forests, grasslands, deserts as well as mountain ranges. However, climate of the country varies depending on region. The overall climate of Saudi Arabia is harsh with dry deserts and temperature extremes. In summer, the country experiences very high temperature whereas in winter some region goes below freezing level. However, the country gets very less rain, which is just about four inches a year on average.

Saudi Arabia gets a small number of tourists coming to enjoy the Red Sea beaches and its turquoise water. In addition, tourists can also enjoy the mountains, valleys, deserts and so on. The beaches of Saudi Arabia are the finest diving destinations that attract many. Moreover, the famous bridge to Bahrain is another attraction. The country also has many beautiful and attractive museums, world heritage sites, and a large option of religious tourism. Mecca and Medina are the two holy cities of Saudi Arabia, which receives innumerable Muslim pilgrims every year.

Culture & People
Saudi Arabia has a rich culture, which is mainly derived from its Islamic heritage. Moreover, the country has been a huge center of trade and commerce, which also contributed in bringing whole new customs and traditions to the region, especially Bedouin traditions.

The nationals of Saudi Arabia follow a unique way of life, which definitely help in preserving the age old traditions and customs of the country. The country boasts of some forms of dance and music such as Al Ardha, the national dance of Saudi Arabia, which is a sword dance based on Bedouin traditions of the ancient times. In addition, there are many other popular forms of dance and music enjoyed in the country.

The ethnic groups inhabiting Saudi Arabia mainly include Arabs with a small percentage of Afro-Asians. Arabic is the national language and Islam is the national religion of Saudi Arabia.

As far as economy is concerned, the government of Saudi Arabia has almost every control over major economic activities in the country. The economy of the country is mainly based on oil and related things and over 90% of export earning of the country comes from oil industry. Over the years, the Saudi government is promoting the growth of private sector to diversify its economy. Moreover, the government also aims at more and more employment opportunities to the Saudi nationals.

Mecca Crane Crash killed more than 84 people and 187 injured.

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