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Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia

Georgia | Map of Georgia | Political map of Georgia | Where is Georgia? | Flag Georgia

Tbilisi previously known as Tiflis, is the capital of Georgia. The capital city is the largest city. The city is lying on the banks of the Mtkvari River with a populace of approximately 1.5 million occupants. The city was established in the fifth century by the ruler of Georgia's old antecedent Kingdom of Iberia. Tbilisi has served, with different interims as Georgia's capital for more than a thousand years.
Tbilisi was located on the south eastern edge of Europe. Tbilisi's differed history is reflected in its construction modelling which is a mix of traditional, medieval, and Soviet structures.
The atmosphere of Tbilisi could be considered decently moist subtropical which comes under Koppen atmosphere. The city's atmosphere is influenced both by dry air masses from the east and muggy subtropical air masses from the west. Tbilisi encounters moderately frosty winters and hot season.
Tbilisi is placed in the South Caucasus. The city lies in Eastern Georgia on both banks of the Mt'k'vari River. The rise of the city ranges from 380–770 meters above ocean level. To the north, Tbilisi is limited by the Saguramo Range.
Tbilisi is represented by the Tbilisi City Assembly and the Tbilisi City Hall. The City Assembly is chosen once at regular intervals. The chairman is chosen by the City Assembly. The Mayor of Tbilisi is Giorgi Ugulava and the Chairman of the Tbilisi City Assembly is Zaal Begashvili.
The whole city is full of art and culture. Tiflis Avenue is a symbolization focus and a display that speaks to an assortment of Georgian specialists working in distinctive media. The display is spotted in an old town, on King Erekle II Street, where displays of craft are held normally. Tiflis Avenue likewise runs an online workmanship store with the biggest determination of contemporary Georgian craftsmanship. Religious structure known as Mamadaviti is developed in 1859-1871. Sameba Cathedral or the holy Trinity Cathedral Church is developed in the year of 2002. This is the biggest church in Georgia and also very important amongst the most affected conventional temples. Janashia Museum, Rustaveli parkway 3, this storehouse houses a huge number of Georgian and Caucasian antiquities of prehistoric studies and ethnography. There are also some other places in the city.
Old Tbilisi is very famous and important for the most different joys of strolling through the Old City. Be readied to see various varied sights, from the surrendered streetcar close Erekle Street to the craft displays of Chardini Street to the shocking current symbolization lining Sioni Street. There is also vake which is placed around Chavchavadze and Abashidze way, this is one of Tbilisi's posh areas. Puppet Museum, Galaktion Tabidze Museum is also the famous places in the city. These are the reasons that people visit the place repeatedly. Metekhi Church Anchiskhati developed by the ruler Dachi Ujarmeli in VI century. Kvashveti was developed in 1910 and it is a duplicate of Samtavisi church.
The city is very safe. You can easily travel here and there without having any fear. Also the city is very good for the tourists place.

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