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The island of Barbuda is part of the three-island state including Antigua and Redonda as the other two other islands of the state. These three groups of islands are located towards the northeastern side of the Caribbean.

Amongst the various beach destinations of the Caribbean, Barbuda features as a unique and fascinating spot for vacation. Being a small island it doesn’t require too many days to explore the island. So a trip to Barbuda can always be combined with a visit to the twin-island of Antigua.

Barbuda is a beach destination and the beautiful beaches here are the primary tourist attractions. The best thing is that these beaches are not crowded. Most of the time, you will be the only one wandering across the length of the beach. But the beaches attached to the hotels see tourists flocking in great numbers.

Political Overview
Both Barbuda and Antigua are still a monarchy even after their independence and Queen Elizabeth II serves as the Head of State. The Governor General of the state is the representative of the Queen. The parliament of the state is situated at St Johns, the capital of Antigua.

Geographical Overview
The temperature range of Barbuda’s climate varies between 18°C to 45°C and the island’s geographical coordinates is 17°37'N and 61°48'W. The climate here is sub-tropical with seasonal rainfall. Due to the lack of river and lake water, the island mostly depends on underground water from wells. The regular supply of rainwater also serves a great purpose because the locals use the stored rainwater for their household chores and for drinking as well. Moreover, it also helps in making the environment green and makes irrigation easy. The rainfall of Barbuda is distinct because it is very unpredictable due to its flat landscape. Though it rains for days together at times, on occasions it might lead to dearth of rainfall. The island has no rainy season per se. The weather remains chilly in winter and scorching in summer with sea breeze blowing. June to November is known as the hurricane season and the island has experienced some worst storms in September.

Tourism in Barbuda
The capital of the tiny island of Barbuda is Codrington, which is also a small village with a small population. Being a beach destination, this island would fascinate you with the innumerable water sports options like swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and scuba diving. Also you can experience live sea turtles, rays, sharks, and barracuda along with varieties of tropical fish. Besides, there are other things to do like hiking, bird watching, and golfing.

Barbuda is a peaceful, serene and naturally beautiful destination, where you cannot ask for too much luxury or a hot and happening nightlife. Life here revolves around the beach and the people of Barbuda like to spend a quite and relaxed lifestyle. The island has interesting wildlife, salt ponds, the rare Frigate Bird and other rare bird species.

Culture and people
The people of Barbuda are simple yet friendly. They believe in a peaceful and simple life with their family. However, life in this tiny island is at times difficult because of the lack of home grown vegetation and other food articles. For most such goods, people here had to depend on Antigua.

The culture of Barbuda depends to a large extent on the colonial past of Barbuda along with its African heritage and West Indian traditions. The island has a rich legacy of music and dance.

Trade and commerce
The percentage of natural resources in Barbuda is almost negligible. However, scanty vegetation is done in the villages along with fish and livestock. Tourism is one of the primary sources of income in the island. Barbuda's currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$).

Political map of Barbuda