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Anguila | Flag Anguilla | Political map Anguilla | Where is Anguilla?

Capital: The Valley

Anguilla is a tiny island nation with a horde of activities. Some of the most charming and friendly people inhabit here and you get to feel and see heartwarming welcome and breathtaking views of the island. This is one of the places where you find easygoing people and unlike the busy cities over the world, the small villages in Anguilla are uncomplicated, slow and down-to-earth.

Located in the northern Caribbean, Anguilla is surrounded by white shiny beaches and spectacular turquoise water of the sea. The summer time is the near perfect time to plan a vacation in Anguilla. As far as activities and attractions are concerned, you got to choose from as many as 33 uncrowded and pristine beaches in Anguilla where you can do plentiful activities and water sports. In addition, the friendly people and awesome cuisine also awaits you in Anguilla.

Political Overview
Anguilla is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. However, it is internally self-governing and it functions as a parliamentary representative democratic dependency with multi-party system.
Geographical Overview
Little Anguilla is situated in the Eastern Caribbean in close proximity to St. Martin and Puerto Rico. It, in fact, lies between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. The geographical location of Anguilla is 18 15 N, 63 10 W. The island enjoys sunny days and starry nights and gets nice windy breeze all through the year. September to October is the rainy season of the year in Anguilla. The beaches here are placid and calm and provide perfect temperature for swimming.

Anguilla has some fascinating caves and the Big Springs at Island Harbour and the Fountain at Shoal Bay are the two most impressive caves. Anguilla offers a range of attractive coral reefs, which provides habitat for a vast array of tropical fish and marine wildlife.

Tourism in Anguilla
The quaint villages of Anguilla and the stunning beaches offer the kind of retreat, which is hard to find in the busy bustling cities. Being the most happy-go-lucky people, the natives of Anguilla are genuinely welcoming and pleased to share the beauty of their island with tourists. Despite its minuscule size, the island provides lot of scope to discover and enjoy new things within the island. You always get the natives to guide you through while exploring the island. The Valley is the capital of Anguilla located at the center of the island and offering many entertaining options in terms of nice restaurants, luxury hotels, intimate resorts, charming escapes, apartment hotels, condo beach clubs and villas. A vacation in Anguilla will most definitely ensure a fully rested and restored body as well as mind to restart your hectic life schedule.

For shopping and active nightlife, Anguilla doesn’t offer very exciting avenues, however, St. Martin, which is just 20 minutes ferry ride from Anguilla is the perfect place for all these. Anguilla, however, hosts barbeque nights and Caribbean evenings mostly during winters.

Another fascinating fact about Anguilla is that you get to see clear blue skies and sparkling sunshine almost every time of your visit because Anguilla’s weather is amongst the most sunniest in the world. However, end of August to October is the perfect time to explore the island and experience the best of it.

Some of the attractions of Anguilla include:

Sandy Ground: a historic site for tourists during daytime and a happening hotspot by night.

The Old Valley: a place where you can see appealing architecture from the past such as Ebenezer’s Methodist Church, Rose Cottage, The Warden’s Place, Miss Marjorie’s House and more.

Crocus Bay: the highest point on Anguilla standing at a height of 213 feet above sea level. You can have some spectacular views from here.

Shoal Bay: the best location for beach bars, beautiful beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving and glass bottom boat tours.

Heritage Museum: a place where you can see the historical heritage of Anguilla. This museum has collected and preserved a great part of the island’s history

In addition, you must explore Island Harbour, the small fishing towns of Anguilla. Amerindian Ceremonial Site and the Wallblake House are other two interesting places that cannot be missed in Anguilla.

Culture and people
The people of Anguilla are gentle and down to earth, which is why they receive their guests or tourists with such warmth. They have a pleasing personality and they meet and greet tourist with smile. The natives of Anguilla give enough importance to family, religion and love. They believe in making home that are filled with joy and happiness. The rich history of the island, which is over four thousand year old, can be seen in the culture and traditions of Anguilla.

As far as ethnicity of the island is concerned, it is mostly dominant by black along with a small fraction of whites, mulatto and other ethnic groups. Christianity is the predominant religion and it includes Protestant, Roman Catholics and other Christians.

Trade and commerce
Anguilla Island does not posses arid soil for agriculture and the island also has limited natural resources. The primary revenue generating industry of the country is tourism. Along with that other important industries include offshore banking, management and fishing. Moreover, Anguilla is also the head quarter of many insurance and financial businesses.

East Caribbean dollar serves as Anguilla's currency but the US dollar is also commonly used and accepted. The use of various activities to energize and speed up the tourism industry has been undertaken by the Anguillan government. However, the sudden occurrences of terrible hurricanes have brought many setbacks in the past. However, things are improving and hotel industry and the overall tourism industry is faring quite well in the present times in Anguilla.