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Europe / Albania / Tirana


Capital of Albania

Albania | Flag Albania | Where is Albania?

Albania, formally regarded as the Republic of Albania is a Southeastern European nation. It is flanked by Kosovo to the northeast, Montenegro to the northwest, Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south & southeast. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the west and the Lonian Sea to the southwest. It is as near as 72 km from Italy, over the Strait of Otranto which connects the Adriatic Sea to the Lonian Sea.
Tirana is the capital and the biggest city of Albania. Remodeled Tirana was established as an Ottoman town in the year 1614 by Sulejman Bargjini, a neighborhood ruler from Mullet. Tirana got to be Albania's capital city in the year 1920 and has a populace of 600,000, with a metro zone populace of 763,634 people. The city is host to numerous open foundations, open and private schools, and is the focal point of the political, budgetary, and social life of the nation.
The capital of Albania, Tirana is placed at (41.33°n, 19.82°e) in the Tirana District, Tirana County, in the vicinity of 32 kilometers (20 mi) inland. Tirana's normal height is 110 meters above ocean level and its most noteworthy focus measures 1,828 m at Mali me Gropa. The city is generally encompassed by mounds. The Dajti Mountain is on the east and a there is also a slight valley that opens on the north-west disregarding the Adriatic Sea in the far distance. The Tirane waterway goes through the city, as does the Lane stream. The city fringes the encompassing regions of Paskuqan, Farke, Dajt, Vaqarr, Kamez and Kashar.
Political Influence:
The capital of Tirana has a major political influence over the rest of the country and is known for the reign of many successful mayors. Some of the most famous mayors in the capital city have been Zyber Hallulli, Ismail Ndroqi, Ali Derhemi, the still in reign Luzim Basha, etc.
Famous for:
Tirana apart from its very well known Opera house, is also very famous for its various cocktails to be specific.
Art & Culture:
The primary social establishments of Tirana are the National Theatre of Opera, the National Theater and Ballet of Albania, and the National Arts Gallery. Exhibitions of prestige world writers are customarily performed by the Symphonic Orchestra of the Albanian Radio and Television. The city serves as a venue for Summer Day, the Tirana Biennale, White Night that takes place on the 28th of November, Tirana Jazz Festival, Rally Albania, and Tirana Fashion Week. Tirana has been updating its character to a more Mediterranean city lined with spots and a "vibrant" nightlife. It is the hub of art and culture in the whole of Albania.
Travel & Tourism:
Travel and tourism is a distinctly important part of the city of Tirana. It is used to welcoming lots of guests from all over the world every year and presenting the much prestigious attractions and destinations to them. The number of the tourist is on the increasing side every year.
Famous Travel Places:
The famous tourist places of Tirana are- Tirana Castle, Clock tower of Tirana, Tabak bidge, National Historic Museum, Blloku, Tirana Mosaic, Dajti Mountain, etc.

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