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The Independent State of Samoa has all the advantage of being situated in the South Pacific Ocean and this is evident from the beautiful and alluring islands of the country. These islands with their lovely lagoons, multi colored coral reefs, marine life and the shallow waters are definitely worth your visit for a wonderful vacation.

Samoa may not be a very popular vacation destination, however, over the years this country has seen tourists flocking here like bee. And the reason for this huge attraction is its beautiful landscape, stunning beaches and the simple yet loving people of Samoa. This is definitely one place where you would love to spoil yourself in the many of its sun kissed beaches.

Political Overview

Apia, the capital of Samoa is the hub of all action as far as trade, commerce and politics of the country is concerned. Samoa has set up of Parliamentary democracy with unicameral legislature. The country got its independence from New Zealand on January 1, 1962.

Geographical Overview

The beautiful destination of Samoa is located in the Polynesian region of the Pacific Ocean. Samoa consists of a group of islands including two large islands of Upolu and Savai'i, which cover most land area of the country. Moreover, there are eight small islets that also feature as integral and beautiful destination in Samoa. The capital city Apia is of course the primary island of the country where a large number of the Samoan population resides. The people of Samoa enjoy an equatorial climate and November to April is mainly counted as the rainy season of the year.

Regardless of being oppressed for many years, Samoa has nicely maintained its inheritance of its valued customs, rituals, language as well as culture. The Samoan people world over is tightly bound by the bond of nationality and family and maintains good relations among themselves.

Tourism in Samoa

For anyone who loves to hop islands, Samoa is the absolute destination. There are as many as ten islands in Samoa that you can explore. And the best part is no two islands are alike, which means you get to discover new stunning sights and scenes in each and every island.  

What people generally like about Samoa is that the range is vast and amazing, when it comes to natural beauty. You get a bit of everything is terms of rainforest, volcanic mountains, stunning beaches, beautiful rivers, waterfalls and what not. The valleys of Samoa are fertile with lush flora and fauna.

Another interesting sight is the far too stretched coastline of Samoa. The beauty of the crystal blue water of the sea is something that is hard to explain but can only be experienced.

The perfect time to visit Samoa is from May and October, when it is dry all over. At the same time, you get to see and be a part of many Samoan festivities during this time of the year. 

Culture and people

Irrespective of the fact that Samoa remained under the dominance of European rulers for ages, the traditional way of life in Samoa is followed and practiced strongly by people of Samoa. Be it their customs, political system, social behavior, language, or culture, Samoans believe in maintaining their traditional ways. Sundays are meant to relax and be with family, attend church etc. So, as visitors you are expected to maintain the decorum while traveling through Samoan villages or while visiting churches. Moreover, wearing shorts or pants to church is not appreciated. Shopping is not possible on Sunday, as almost all shops remain closed. Samoan also not expects you to roam nude on the beach. If you want to click pictures of Samoan you should take prior permission.

Trade and commerce

At the local level, Samoa is an agricultural economy with fishing for support. However, in the recent times, development aid, overseas remittances as well as agricultural exports primarily contribute to the economy of the country. Agricultural exports from Samoa include coconut cream, coconut oil, noni and copra. Manufacturing sector also contributes in part along with the expanding tourism sector. In fact, the inflow of tourist has also increased over the years. The government of the country is taking a lot of effort to attract investors to invest in Samoa by deregulating the financial sector and constant fiscal discipline. The flexible labor market of Samoa is a positive strength that would definitely contribute in attracting more and more investment in the country. Over the years investment in the field of hotel infrastructure has contributed to the economy of the coutry.




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