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Saint Pierre and Miquelon was first inhabited by the French in early 17th century. Though the size of Miquelon is much larger than Saint Pierre, it is inhabited by very less people as compared to Saint Pierre where you can see much larger crowds.

Political Overview
Saint Pierre and Miquelon is an independent territorial collectivity of France and function as a parliamentary democracy with Saint Pierre as the capital.

Geographical Overview
Saint Pierre and Miquelon are islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean, towards the south of Newfoundland in Canada at 46 50 N, 56 20 W. The total area of the Saint Pierre and Miquelon, including eight small islands in the Saint Pierre and the Miquelon groups is 242 sq km with 120 km of coastline. The terrain of the islands is mostly barren rock and they enjoy cold and wet climate with mist and fog. The spring and autumn season in these islands becomes often quite windy.

Being the territorial Collectivity of France, the islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon are highly influenced by French culture and customs. The ways of life of the people of these islands is completely influenced by the French including the way they greet, eat, shop and so on. French cars, perfumes and cuisine inspire residents of these islands. Saint Pierre and Miquelon is a wonderful vacation destination because of its refreshing climate, lovely landscape and warm and friendly people.

Miquelon is inhabited by over 600 residents of the Basque and Acadian origin. The island is rich in wildlife and you can see different species of animals here. Besides, you can explore the various museums of the islands, and other attractions of Miquelon.

Culture & People
Basques and Bretons are among the ethnic groups living in the island. French is official language spoken and the official religion of the island is Roman Catholics. The Saint Pierre and Miquelon islands have a meager population of over 5831.

The economy of Saint Pierre and Miquelon depends on fishing and related work. The inhabitants of the islands do servicing of the fishing fleets that operate off the Newfoundland coast. However, due to disputes with Canada, the number of ships stopping at Saint Pierre has declined thereby declining the economy of the islands. Though France heavily subsidies for a better living of the people of the islands, but it also needs other supports. Expansion of tourism can be a good source of bringing up the economy to better side.

The government of the island hopes that activities such as fish farming, crab fishing, and scanty level of agriculture activities will develop the economy. Industries here include fish processing and supply base for fleets as well as tourism.



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