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Nassau the capital of Bahamas

Nassau is considered as the largest city of Bahamas and also its capital. It is basically referred to as a paradise island due to the amazing sea-side picturesque out there. This is the 11th ranking largest island of Bahamas and it is located at least within 21 miles far from Bahamas. All sorts of modern amenities are available in this place and this is also regarded as one of the major cultural hubs of Bahamas. Every year, lots of visitors are coming to this place for spending their recreational holidays with luxury and pierce. You will be able to get outstanding seas-side accommodation facilities with highly boosted up facilities like restaurants, hotels, resorts, aquarium, Golf course, casinos, nightlife and shops. This place is having a total population of about 2, 49,948 which covers almost 70% of the total population of Bahamas.
Charles town is the old name of Nassau which is the capital city of Bahamas. In the year 1684, this place was completely destroyed by the Spanish community and after it got rebuilt in the year 1695 under the administration of Dutch it was renamed as Nassau. The strategic location of Nassau is highly favorable for trades and thus it soon became the den of pirates. In the year 1978, the British administrators took strict actions against these pirates and killed all of them for making the island free from the attacks of the pirates.
Nassau is mainly situated over the island of New province with wonderful colonial architecture, busy port, anteing culture, colorful picturesque along with attractive tropical climate. It has recently become the most popular and renowned tourist destination due to the amazing climate, cultural significance and of course the surrounding natural beauty. New Province is having low lying flat lands at a stretch of about 206 km² with low ridges and shallow lakes. Miami. Florida which is situated at a distance of about 295 km southwest has gained the popularity as the famous recreational holiday resort.
Climatic condition
Nassau is having an excellent blend of both tropical and sun-tropical climate as a result of which this place remains overcrowded with lots of tourists throughout the year. This place is having almost equivalent type of climatic condition like that of South Florida with special features like humid and warn weather along with cool nights. Snowfall might happen only once throughout the entire year. The summer temperature is almost 33 degrees Celsius while in winter times the temperature is almost 24 to 27 degree but rarely does it go even below 14 degree Celsius.
Lynden Pindling International Airport is the main airport of Nassau which also provides restricted transportation services from London and Toronto. You can also vail private charters for recreational tours and can also get airport taxis for travelling to the different parts of the island.
The economic condition of Nassau is continuously improving to great extent due to the presence of healthy trading relationships between different international trading centers. Different products are being imported from outside and in the recent days this place has become one of the most popular commercial places of Bahamas.



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