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World Map

World map purpose is to show places on earth as they appear in their true location, in terms of latitude and longitude. Cartographers use a technique of transforming the curved earth onto a flat surface that is called projection. It would have very difficult to project globe into flat map to preserve the accuracy of all aspects. The distortion of one can affect other properties of globe.
So cartographers used three type of projection to show accuracy of different aspects of map. Cylindrical projections, conic projections and Azimuthal projections.
Cylindrical projections are useful to showing whole world; Conic projections are best used for smaller areas of the world such as country maps and Azimuthal projections transform the globe onto a flat circle such maps are useful for viewing hemispheres, continents and the polar regions.

Ocean and their areas

Prashant Mahasagra 179680000 sq. km
Andh Ocean - 106460000 sq. km
Indian Ocean - 74920000 sq km
North Atlantic Ocean - 14090000 sq km
South Chinese Ocean - 2318000 sq km
South Atlantic ocean -
Bering ocean - 2269000 sq km
Crebian Sea - 1943000 sq km
Mexicann sea - 1544000 sq km
Arabean Sea - 1248000 sq km
Bay of Bengal - 839000 sq km
Black Sea - 461000 sq km

Types of maps:

Maps are very useful tool for different purpose, people use these world maps for forecasting weather, to plot population, to locate mineral and gold, to know about geology and soil type, agricultural map, climate map, rainfall map to measure rains, air rout map for aeroplanes, world earthquake danger zone map to understand the area under earthquake zone, world forest, wildlife and national paks map, fisheries map, natural resources map to locate the important resources, language map to devide the world through language, litracy map, rivers map, temperature map to understand the climate and some other purpose. The world maps divided into two major categories – general and thematic. The political maps and physical maps come into general and maps with specific theme come into thematic such as climate and bio geographical.


When we need actual area and distance of a map we use scale. Linear scale is popular way to get actual area measurement. The line is marked off in units representing the real distance of the map given in miles and kilometre. The latitude and longitude play the major role for location of an area; these are the horizontal and vertical lines all over the map create geographical coordinates called latitude and longitude which measure area of world or earth sphere in degrees and shows angular distances.

Conventional symbols used on maps to show any map feature, such as green for forest, and animal shapes for particular wildlife areas.

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Updated World map
World map updated
World map listed all the countries, capitals, continents and ocean.

Some of these important world maps are shown here.

world map continents
Continents map

world travel map
World travel map

world political map
Political World Map

world map for kids
World Map for Kids

World map political
World Map Political

World map
World Map

World physical map
Physical world map

World population map
World Population map

wall map
Wall map of World

World outline map
World Outline Map



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